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Monday, September 26, 2005

# 3 - welcome, freshmen

introducing our interns: john and elaine! sam was promoted to intern supervisor. congrats, sam!

laurel and hardy - honolulu baby
the boy least likely to - be gentle with me
the futureheads - first day
air - kelly watch the stars (live on kcrw)
kings of convenience - misread
the's - mr. lee
the black keys - heavy soul
breaker!breaker! - diversify
the shins - taste of cindy (jmc cover)
serge gainsbourg - la javanaise
the black keys - all hands against his own
television - friction
casiotone for the painfully alone - it wasn't the same somehow
belle and sebastian - i'm a cuckoo
jeff tweedy - i'm the man who loves you (live)
antony and the johnsons - hitler in my heart
metric - dead disco
elefant - now that i miss her
cocorosie - butterscotch
ratatat - el pico
spoon - the way we get by
eyeball skeleton - eyeball skeleton (sam's pick)
graham coxon - bottom bunk
bright eyes - loose leaves
mobius band - multiply
black rebel motorcycle club - shuffle your feet
applied communications - it bothers me that it bothers you that i snore
beck - missing (roksopp remix)
the like - what i say and what i mean
sigur ros - saeglejur
animal collective - grass
magnetic fields - i thought you were my boyfriend
pretty and nice - busy bees demo

Monday, September 19, 2005

#2 - return from nyc

with special guest dj ben cruz! listen to ben's show this fall on kzsc @ www.kzsc.org

fantastic plastic machine - theme of luxury
le joshua - and so it goes
plastic east - new york nights
the strokes - barely legal
the blue van - have love will travel
the cribs - mirror kissers
the adored - tv riot
ladytron - discotraxx
a.c. newman - secretarial
hellogoodbye - jesse buy nothing...go to prom anyways
rogue wave - kicking the heart out
of montreal - i was never young
!!! - storm the legion
cursive - some red handed slight of hand
metric - combat baby
mittens - a lot like you
smoosh - to walk away from
cocorosie - noah's ark
radiohead - scatterbrain (four tet remix)
white stripes - my doorbell
m.i.a. - bucky done gone
applied communications - i want a famous face
old time relijun - los angeles
mirah - dear landlord
dandy warhols - smoke it
death cab for cutie - someday you will be loved
fiery furnaces - inca rag/name game
yo la tengo - you can have it all
the j.b.'s - givin' up food for funk
deltron 3030 - positive contact
joanna newsom - clam, crab, cockle, cowrie
lou reed - new york telephone conversation

Monday, September 12, 2005

#1 - about your dj

disneyland - the main street electrical parade
the decemberists - los angeles, i'm yours
14 year old girls - animal forest
of montreal - oslo in the summertime
stephen malkmus - mama
the concretes - you can't hurry love
sleater-kinney - entertain
casiotone for the painfully alone - rice dream girl
prefuse 73 - the color of tempo
sufjan stevens - concerning the UFO sighting near highland, IL
p:ano - fucking ugly bouffant
totally radd - the greatest battle on planet earth
the germs - circle one
tilly and the wall - fell down the stairs
british sea power - to go to sleep
clap your hands say yeah - upon this tidal wave of young blood
gypsy kings - vamos a bailar
the cribs - hey scenesters!
brazilian girls - lazy lover
the mae shi - vampire beats
xiu xiu - clowne towne
japanther - 1-10
django reinhardt - limehouse blues
deerfhoof - six holes on a stick
say anything - an orgy of critics
cake - i will survive
beck - novacane
beck - fax machine anthem (hell yes remix)
patti smith - redondo beach
sons and daughters - dance me in
teenage fanclub - slow fade
the dandy warhols - all the money or the simple life honey
sage francis - slow down gandhi