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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

elliott smith radio tribute

thank you everyone for listening and contributing to the elliott smith radio tribute. carly and i put this thing together in four days, and we did not expect it to reach the level that it did. it touched us to receive so much international attention from our broadcast and we appreciate all of your support for elliott and his family. also, thank you to everyone who came into the studio to play on the air, and also to those who couldn't who emailed us their tracks. and thank you to all of those who took time out of their days to interview on our broadcast: benjamin nugent, mary lou lord and the folks from under the radar. finally, we had great publicity thanks to charlie at elliott's official website sweetadeline.net. all of this wouldn't have been capable without WTBU to let us broadcast this event online. thank you again and i hope everyone enjoyed the broadcast.

you can listen to the archive as an online webstream here by searching for "elliott smith": http://media.wtburadio.org/archives/index.php