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Sunday, November 26, 2006

no show this week!

no show tonight due to turkey/tofurkey holiday. stay tuned next week, kiddies! next one will be on december 3rd

Monday, November 20, 2006

songs we're thankful for

1. air - kelly watch the stars (live on morning becomes eclectic)
2. the fiery furnaces - asthma attack (gallowsbird's bark)
3. the jesus and mary chain - taste of cindy (psychocandy)
4. of montreal - know your onion (the shins cover) (n/a)
5. belle and sebastian - get me away from here, i'm dying (if you're feeling sinister)
6. pixies - something against you (surfer rosa)
7. elliott smith - trouble (cat stevens cover) (basement ii demos)
8. feist - tout doucement (let it die)
9. xiu xiu - vulture piano (the air force)
10. gorillaz - dare (demon days)
11. pere ubu - ice cream truck (cloudland)
12. the fall - cruiser's creek (this nation's saving grace)
13. pulp - mis-shapes (different class)
14. new order - temptation (substance)
15. cities - writing on the wall [remix] (s/t)
16. a passing feeling - we might not sleep at all this year (we might not sleep at all this year)
17. kings of convenience - the luckiest guy on the lower east side (magnetic fields cover) (n/a)
18. heart - crazy on you (dreamboat annie)
19. le joshua - mountain (point to the sky)
20. casiotone for the painfully alone - i should have kissed you when i had the chance (answering machine music: a brief album in 12 parts)
21. rufus wainwright - rebel prince (poses)
22. miho hatori - barracuda (ecdysis)
23. saves the day - shoulder to the wheel (through being cool)
24. atom and his package - punk rock academy (hair: debatable)
25. dan bern - tiger woods (fifty eggs)
26. the dismemberment plan - the city (emergency & i)
27. circle takes the square - interview at the ruins (as the roots undo)
28. the get up kids - close to me (eudora)
29. cowboy curtis - are you on to me? (thirtyfive summers)
30. the strokes - i'll try anything once (heart in a cage single)
31. cee-lo green - i'll be around (feat. timbaland) (closet freak: the best of cee-lo green the soul machine)

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

there is no theme

luckily without jessie supervising us there wasn't a complete meltdown at the station

1. the black keys - just a little heat (magic potion)
2. meneguar - kids get cut (i was born at night)
3. bear vs. shark - seven stop hold restart (terrorhawk)
4. bloc party - tulips (tulips)
5. blur - movin' on (blur)
6. the books - smells like content (lost and safe)
7. breaker!breaker! - video war (where all the birds yell)
8. cold war kids - hospital beds (robbers & cowards)
9. micah p hinson - jackeyed (micah p hinson and the opera circuit)
10. you can be a wesley - gravity (you can be a wesley)
11. the mountain goats - dance music (the sunset tree)
12. feeling left out - best of both worlds (mr. everything i'm not)
13. xiu xiu - bishop, ca (the air force)
14. conor oberst and britt daniel - you get yours (post parlo split)
15. casiotone for the painfully alone - it wasn't the same somehow (twinkle echo)
16. adam green - bluebirds (friends of mine)
17. sondre lerche - modern nature (faces down)
18. a passing feeling - keystone and headache (we might not sleep at all this years)
19. tapes n'tapes - The Iliad (loon)
20. these arms are snakes - horse girl (easter)
21. the rocket summer - saturday (calendar days)
22. piebald - haven't tried it (all ears, all eyes, all the time)
23. the arcade fire - rebellion (lies) (funeral)
24. el perro del mar - candy (el perro del mar)
25. kid koala - fender bender (carpal tunnel syndrome)
26. modest mouse - shit luck (the lonesome crowded west)
27. paul baribeau and ginger alford - bobby jean (darkness on the edge of your town)
28. the thermals - the pattern (more parts per million)
29. elliott smith - somebody i used to know (figure 8)
30. mason jennings - if you need a reason (if you need a reason ep)
31. bob dylan - thunder on the mountain (modern times)

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Monday, November 06, 2006

dead people

my attempt at playing all dead artists, tried to play as little oldies as possible but it wasn't easy. thanks to kaia, jessie and my friend micah for bringing stuff in this week. this theme kind of sucked, i know.

1. the exploding hearts - throwaway style (guitar romantic)
2. love - the daily planet (forever changes)
3. john lee hooker - hobo blues (alone, vol. 2)
4. notorious b.i.g. - hypnotize (life after death)
5. 2pac - california love (all eyez on me)
6. ouija radio - red eye fly (oh no...yes! yes!)
7. johnny cash - i still miss someone (at folsom prison)
8. the beatles - strawberry fields forever (magical mystery tour)
9. dusty springfield - spooky (anthology)
10. elvis presley - always on my mind (separate ways)
11. the who - 1921 (tommy)
12. the zombies - care of cell 44 (odyssey & the oracle)
13. elliott smith - either/or (either/or)
14. django reinhardt - ol' man river (djangology)
15. the doors - love me two times (strange days)
16. the germs - lexicon devil ((mia): the complete anthology)
17. billie holiday - strange fruit (tricky remix) (verve remixed)
18. jeff buckley - lilac wine (grace)
19. ol' dirty bastard - shimmy shimmy ya (return to the 36 chambers)
20. morphine - good (good)
21. johnny thunders - you can't put your arms round a memory (so alive)
22. t. rex - jeepster (electric warrior)
23. roy orbison - in dreams (in dreams)
24. tom waits - rains on me (orphans (sampler))
25. joy division - disorder (heart and soul)
26. nick drake - pink moon (pink moon)
27. saetia - venus and bacchus (a retrospective)
28. folly - please don't shoot the piano player he's doing the best he can (insanity later)
29. f-word - do the nihil (beach boulevard)
30. the dicks - hate police (hate police)
31. rik l rik - atomic lawn (beach boulevard)
32. the crowd - modern machine (beach boulevard)
33. queen - bicycle race (greatest hits)
34. nico - fairest of the seasons (the royal tenenbaums)

Sunday, November 05, 2006

halloween edition

1. les savy fav - tragic monsters (go forth)
2. the shaggs - it's halloween (philosophy of the world)
3. the misfits - halloween ii (collection ii)
4. the unicorns - ghost mountain (who will cut our hair when we're gone?)
5. zombina & the skeletones - the grave....& beyond! (taste the blood of zombina & the skeletones)
6. the fall - i'm a mummy (levitate)
7. skinny puppy - deep down trauma hounds (cleanse, fold, & manipulate)
8. the cramps - tv set (songs the lord taught us)
9. beck - nausea (the information)
10. the paper chase - said the spider to the fly (god bless your black heart)
11. thunderbirds are now! - to: skulls (justamustache)
12. bloc party - helicopter (whitey remix) (silent alarm remixed)
13. the putrid flowers - feelin' like a vampire (and for the little children)
14. north american halloween prevention, inc. - do they know it's hallowee'en? (do they know it's hallowee'en?)
15. the horror - rjd2 (deadringer)
16. halloween parade - lou reed (new york)
17. hello goodbye - here (in your arms) (zombies! aliens! vampires! dinosaurs!)
18. tilly and the wall - nights of the living dead (wild like children)
19. david bowie - scary monsters (and super creeps) (scary monsters)
20. danny elfman - this is halloween (nightmare before christmas OST)
21. the plagiarists - tearing off the walls (veto!)
22. the fever - gray ghost (red bedroom)
23. men, women & children - monkey monkee men (s/t)
24. mindless self indulgence - kill the rock (frankenstein girls will seem strangely sexy)
25. dj shadow - 3 freaks (feat. keak da sneak & turf talk) (the outsider)
26. siouxsie & the banshees - carcass (the scream)
27. the fleshtones - i was a teenage zombie ()
28. public image ltd. - order of death (this is what you want...this is what you get)
29. alien sex fiend - now i'm feeling zombified (the singles 1983-1995)
30. we landed on the moon! - rabbit hole (s/t)